Pupil Voice

Messages from Ex Year 11 pupils


“My time in Eleanor Smith has been fun and I will never forget it.”


“I have had a lot of fun at Eleanor Smith School since I joined and I will really miss you all and I want to thank you all for all your help. Many Thanks.”


“I started in this school and I grew up with everyone especially Mr May. Love this school.

– Name not provided

“It’s been good as it has helped me learn new skills and behave better.”


Extracts from Information Texts about Eleanor Smith School written for new pupils and their parents by pupils

“Eleanor Smith is a highly recommended school; the staff are friendly, thoughtful and helpful. We have a lot of creative and well behaved students. We all have our own problems so we are put with a teacher who understands our difficulties.”


“Eleanor Smith School is the best school I’ve been to, they take you on trips. All the teachers are nice, you will love it here. The teachers have a lot of time for you so be nice to them.”


“Eleanor Smith School is a school for children with Special Needs. Every class has two or more fantastic teachers and assistants. The teachers try their utmost best to support us young children to strive and reach our goals. What the teachers want is for us to return to mainstream full-time. Most children are extremely friendly and kind, however sometimes they have their little squabbles.”


“Eleanor Smith School is a great school. All the teachers are great. All of the pupils are good when they want to be. I reckon you will make loads of friends and all the staff will like you. If you are good then you will get to go on loads of trips like: Chessington, Bowling, Pizza Hut and Camping. You have to be good if you want to go on all the trips.”


“Eleanor Smith School is a behaviour school and it is small. Do you want your child to be safe? They will be safe because the teachers calm everyone down so no one gets hurt. Your child will be doing three days at Eleanor Smith and two days at mainstream. When at mainstream, you get support from your Eleanor Smith teacher one day a week.”