Parent Voice

The school has supported my son very well. Helped him with his exams and behaviour. Thanks for everything

The school has helped my son in everything he needed and we are grateful to all staff I just like to thank all staff for their help and support towards my son. He has done so well and achieved his goals. Thanks again for putting up with so much headache and frustration

Would like to thank everyone for all help and support over the years I am a parent, my child goes to Eleanor Smith and it’s hard as a child, hard as a parent but also hard for teacher but all stand together making much progress for the child and future starting in life                                                       

Eleanor Smith School parent quotes from Brighton University Parents Course 2014

“Monday mornings are the highlight of my week”

“I’ve learned loads, really useful, hands on stuff”

“I feel gutted that the course is coming to an end”

“I’m learning where to put my energies and not to waste time on the small stuff”

“Speaking up and asking for help – that’s what I’ve learned”

“The IG course is the best course I’ve been on”

“I care less about other people’s judgements – they don’t face the struggles we do”

“I’m going to try to sort more leisure stuff for my daughter”

“I feel calmer and more positive about handling the challenges”

“You can forget to notice what you’re already doing well”

“I try to understand the feelings of what might cause certain behaviours”

“Wish we had more of these courses. I tried to relax more and bought CD’s for ME – I spent money on me!”

“I’m looking after myself more and building my resilience”

“I have more understanding of other kids and their parents”

“I think about myself as well as my child and how they are linked together”

“I’ve tried to not get so stressed”                                                                                            

Share your views through Parent View

Parents and carers can give their views of our school at any time of the school year and at the time of a school inspection using an online questionnaire called Parent View. When our school is notified of its next Ofsted inspection, parents will be invited to give their views about the school to inspectors using the Parent View online facility as this has replaced Ofsted’s paper questionnaire.

Please make sure we have your most up-to-date contact details. Please register with an email address and a password at Once your login has been activated, it only takes a few minutes to complete answers to 12 short questions about aspects such as bullying, the quality of teaching, level of homework, etc. Your views are important in helping inspectors make a decision about our school, and to help us know what is going well and what could be improved. If you do not have a computer or an email address or if you would like help to use Parent View, please come into school and ask at reception.

Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school