Secondary – Media

Key stage 4:

Years 9 – 10

BTEC Level 2 First Award in Creative Media Production – this qualification is a Technical Award equivalent in size to oneGCSE.

Year 11

BTEC Level 2 First Certificate in Creative Media Production– equivalent in teaching time to two GCSEs.

Exam board: Edexcel

What units/topics will be studied?

Learners will develop practical skills to enable them to produce their own media products as well as developing writing skills. Learners will research and analyse media, look at careers in media industries and writing for the media. Learners will produce videos, print products, photography and video editing. Learners will meet and work with a range of Industry Practitioners and will be expected to attend a programme of film screenings essential to the course.

Award – The qualification consists of two mandatory units making up 50% of the qualification, and a choice of two (from five) optional units. The mandatory units provide the key underpinning knowledge and skills, while the optional units enable learners to undertake a range of diverse activities, including research (e.g. audiences, different websites), assignment and project work (e.g. production of a video, radio programme, website or game), case studies (e.g. on a successful film) and presentations.

Certificate –

Year 9: Induction to the Level 2 Creative Media Production Award qualification.

Term 1/2

Induction – Textual Analysis and planning


Term 3/4

Induction – Pre production and planning


Induction – Production (short film)

Term 5/6

Induction – Post production and evaluation


Unit 1 – Introduction to Digital Media Sectors and Audiences (exam)


Year 10: Level 2 Creative Media Production Award qualification

Term 1/2

Induction assignment: Short film project


Unit 1: Digital Media Sectors and Audiences (exam)

Term 3/4

Unit 2: Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product


Unit 3: Digital Moving Image Production

Term 5/6

Unit 4: Digital Publishing Production


Induction – Level 2 First Certificate Creative Digital Media Production

Course outcomes: Progression to Level 2 First Certificate Creative Digital Media Production

Year 11:

Term 1/2

Unit 8: Media Industry in Context (exam)



Term 3/4

Unit 9: Digital Editing for Moving Image



Term 5/6

Unit 14: Writing for digital Media



Assessment approach

The Pearson BTEC Level 1/ 2 First Award/Certificate in Creative Digital Media Production includes two externally assessed units to introduce externality into vocational programmes of study. This will assist learners as they progress either into higher levels of vocational learning or to related academic qualifications, by providing independent evidence of learning and progression alongside the portfolio-based assessment. This approach will also assist learners with developing their transferable skills in analytical writing, and in applying their knowledge in unfamiliar contexts.

The remaining units are internally assessed. Internal assessment enables learners to receive feedback on their progress throughout the course as they gather and provide evidence towards meeting the unit assessment criteria.

Evidence for assessment can be generated through a range of activities, including role play, practical performance and verbal presentations.

Delivery strategies should reflect the nature of work within the creative digital
media sector by encouraging learners to research and carry out assessment in the workplace, or in simulated working conditions, wherever possible.

Recognising achievement: opportunity to achieve at level 1

The BTEC Firsts are level 2 qualifications with Pass, Merit, Distinction and Distinction* grades.

In the event that Level 2 grade may not be achieved, learners are still able to gain a level 1 qualification.

What can learners do to prepare to study this subject?
Watch a wide range of films and TV programmes. Regularly read the newspaper or news online, from a high quality source such as or Try making films, publishing some journalism, making your own blog using your camera phone / laptop and free software. Useful text books include The Media Student’s Book- Branston and Stafford.

Progression – where can this lead our learners?
The Creative Media Production: BTEC Level 2 Award and Certificate are practical work-related courses. These courses are aimed at learners who wish to pursue a vocational media course that also prepares them for Advanced Level courses, apprenticeships, work and life.

BTECs are vocational courses and learners will learn skills that are used daily in the real world of work.

Cross curricular links:

Opportunities to develop skills in English and mathematics are indicated in the units/schemes of work where appropriate. These give learners the opportunity to practise these essential skills in naturally occurring and meaningful contexts, where appropriate to the sector.

The skills have been mapped against GCSE (including functional elements) English and mathematics subject content areas.