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Is a dynamic, developmental approach to working with children that supports their emotional and social wellbeing, enabling them to engage with life and learning.

It supports them becoming more self-assured, capable and adaptable.

Positive relationships are at the heart of Thrive.

At Eleanor Smith School we are embracing Thrive in every part of our school life as we strongly believe that in order for any child to be successful in their lives, they need to develop their emotional resilience as well as their academic abilities.

The Thrive Approach draws on the latest research – from current neuroscience, recent attachment research, current studies of effective learning and current models of child development – in order to help adults understand children’s behaviour as communication.

We have embraced the Thrive approach for three years now and with Thrive Online, which is the online tool the approach comes with, we have been able to effectively assess every child’s individual emotional development and create targeted action plans. The data it produces is a way of tracking the child’s emotional development which can be presented to OFSTED as a way of tracking the effectiveness of your provision.



At ESS, we use the Resilience Framework, developed by Hart, Blincow and Thomas to support better outcomes for our pupils. The Framework uses methods which support and develop children with complex needs by; Instilling a sense of belonging, building good relationships with staff, family and friends.

Supporting learning, by helping students plan for the future, celebrate achievements, share skills and talents with others and develop the life skills necessary to succeed in the world.

Helping students to cope with social and emotional difficulties by fostering problem solving, bravery and self soothing techniques, teaching them that problems are surmountable, and that help is available when they need it.

Teaching students to take responsibility for themselves, recognise and understand their own and others’ feelings, and have hope for the future. This is complimented with the restorative justice work which we incorporate into the process.

We believe building on a child’s strengths, encouraging contribution to school and community life develops their sense of belonging and self-confidence.

Eleanor Smith is an all age special school for pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH). The school is in the London Borough of Newham, an ethnically diverse inner city area, with some of the most challenging needs

experienced by our young people. At Eleanor Smith we are committed to ensuring that our students and surrounding

services are equipped to develop the academic and social achievement of all our students.



We can offer training in:

Bespoke Packages

At ESS we develop bespoke packages identified through the school improvement plan (SIP) and student needs. Through a Service Level Agreement, the aims/plans and outcomes, with agreed updates and data to show level of impact will inform continued planning for the school.

Our aim is to incorporate practical strategies – with the opportunity to work alongside colleagues in order to enhance their understanding of SEMH, and improve outcomes for young people.

Whole school behaviour for learning

  • Pre/post Ofsted support
  • Audits and action plans
  • Support schools for their behaviour policy, systems, procedures routines and classroom management
  • SEMH awareness training for support services i.e. foster carers, youth providers


  • Whole school approach to meet the unmet emotional needs of our young people
  • Resilience training for parents of children with complex/challenging needs


  • 10 day Thrive Childhood Practitioner Courses available throughout the year
  • Developing an understanding of the emotional gaps our young people experience with often manifests in         challenging behaviour
  • Parental advice/development workshops for students well-being, within the home environment

Restorative justice

  • Whole school/individual advice/support, developing the ownership and empathy needed in building successful   relationships.

Staff development

  • Social Worker placements
  • Personal development behaviour and welfare
  • Classroom/behaviour management/whole school training
  • NQT placements
  • Volunteer Placements

On-site practice and application

  • Whole school/individual and one off training requests
  • Transition support packages for identified vulnerable pupils i.e. pupil transfers between mainstream/SEN and vice versa

Service standards

  • Trained in relevant interventions to support SEMH needs and educational development
  • Subject to performance management and supervision
  • All staff within the service
  • Fully trained experienced practitioners
  • Supported to keep up to date with local and national legal/educational requirements
  • Available to all services supporting children and young people

 Examples of Bespoke Packages

Package 1 (5 Day)

  • Initial Consultation               
  • Reports               
  • 1:1 Solution Focused transition PSP(12 week Cycle)               
  • THRIVE Baseline Assessment               
  • Action Plan of Support/Planning      
  • Observations/Agreed Actions               
  • Meetings and Development of Relation Ships with School and Family

(4 Days @£350 per Day) £1,400.00

Training one Day (1 Full Day = 6 x 1 Hour or 3 x 2 Hours – planning time included) £500.00

Total Cost   £1,900.00

Additional Days to be agreed at £350 per day


Package 2 (4 Day)

  • Initial Consultation  
  • Action Plan of Support
  • 1:1 Solution Focused transition PSP(12 week Cycle)
  • Attend Meetings
  • Develop Programme

(3 day @£350 per Day) £1,050.00

Training one Day (1 Full Day = (6 x 1 Hour or 3 x 2 Hours – planning time included) £500.00

Total Cost   £1,550.00

Additional Days to be agreed at £350 per day


Package 3 (10 Day)

  • Initial Consultation  
  • Action Plan of Support
  • 1:1 Solution Focused transition PSP(12 week Cycle)
  • Attend Meetings
  • Develop Programme

(8 day @£350 per Day) £2,800.00

Training   two Day (2 Full Day or 6 x 2 Hours – planning time included)   £1,000.00

Total Cost   £3,800.00




Academic Resilience Approach

Training Course Per day £500.00

Total Cost   £500.00

Contact Us to discuss your training needs:

CPD/TrainingFarzana Khan (Assistant Head Training & outreach)


ResilienceStephanie Coombe (Assistant Head Inclusion Lead, Resilience)



Thrive Feedback

Barbara Sims, Deputy Head – “Generally I thought it was a really good ‘inspirational’ introduction to thrive. Lots of verbal feedback from staff about being really informative and it made them think about their own and children’s needs and behaviours”.

Teacher – “During the training, I felt reassured that all the small consistencies children experience in school will actually make an impact on their future. It was amazing to find out a little more about how the brain develops and how that actually impacts on learning.”

 “It was useful because it gave me a greater understanding of what Thrive is” – Support Worker

“You think about children in your class, targets needed and why they’re been exhibiting certain behaviour” – Teacher

Clare Powell, SENCo, Kings Furlong Primary – “Anne is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer. She has an immense knowledge that she is able to share in practice examples.”

Libby Mackenzie, Headteacher, Kings Furlong Primary – “An excellent day, really excited to learn more. Anne was inspiring.”

Vicky, Hampshire CC, Behaviour Support Team- “Inspiring day- thank you.”

“I enjoyed the INSET because it was so applicable to children in my SFA group. I used some of the strategies with children in my SFA group and we’ve been building relationships where we struggled to before” – NQT

“I loved Thrive because it’s really impacted the social side of my class. Using it in EMLearning will give me actual time to work with them on their social and developmental needs” – Assistant Head

Resilience Feedback