Links and Partnerships

At Key Stage 4 pupils at Eleanor Smith attend the Secondary provision at Lawson Close two and a half days a week. During this time they attend academic classroom based learning which includes Maths, English, Science and a GCSE option of Media Studies, Art or Food Technology. All these subjects are accredited and Pupils are all working towards GCSE or equivalent from the beginning of Year 10. All pupils are also entered for Functional Skills in English and Maths at Level 1 or Level 2.

PE is taught off site at a variety of providers depending on the curriculum area being taught in each term. The other two days at Key Stage 4 are spent off site to help prepare students for employment or training post 16. This part of the curriculum is also designed to help pupils develop independence, social skills and behaviour management.

One day is spent at Work experience which is a developed programme that introduces pupils to ‘live’ working environments to inform and encourage life and employability skills.

The remaining day is spent at a Newham Alternative Provision. These are vocational training providers that offer trade specific skills and develop vocational qualifications in a variety of vocations like Mechanics, Building, Media or Sports training. Pupils during Key Stage 4 are encouraged to follow a more personalised curriculum as they would in mainstream school, but within a smaller environment and with specific teacher led direction to help manage their transition into adulthood and post 16 training or employment.