Extended Schools


Several sources, both local and national, identify factors that create barriers to the participation of children with additional needs in extended services. The most significant barriers identified are:

  • Lack of information for parents and carers
  • Response/attitude of staff and providers
  • Parents’ concerns about safety and staff skills
  • Lack of appropriate staff training and development
  • Transport
  • Funding and charges

To a lesser extent the physical environment is also identified as a factor. In response to these barriers, at Eleanor Smith, we have ensured that parents and carers are given significant opportunity to support their children to attend after school and holiday clubs and activities. We provide the flexibility our pupils may need to identify which club is best fitted to their own needs by allowing for mobility between activities. Staff and local providers have been the driving force to success in our extended schools offer and have ensured our pupils are safe, inspired and motivated. To increase the capacity and ability for our pupils to attend, transport is provided to safely transport our pupils to and from clubs and activities.  Parents and Carers are not charged for the opportunity for their children to participate, this is achievable by seeking funding to support these areas, well in advance.

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