Staff – Secondary

Teachers Position
*TBC – September Head Teacher
Marc May Deputy Head Teacher, CP Co-ordinator
Elaine Rogers Inclusion Manager – KS4 Vocational Studies/SEN Co-ordinator
*Farzana Khan Assistant Head Teacher, Outreach and Training
Esmie Gordon Class Teacher, RE/Humanities Co-ordinator
Lorraine Teeling Class Teacher, Science/Food Tech Co-ordinator
Ian Jones Class Teacher, Maths Co-ordinator
*Renae Barron Jones Class Teacher, Art, Design and Technology Co-ordinator
*Ruth Pierce Specialist Teacher (English)
Education Support Workers Responsibilities
Lorraine Marler

Lead First Aid, Promoting and developing Science, Food Tech

Charlotte Smith Promoting and developing The Learning Environment
Katrina Pryce Promoting and developing Behaviour Management /Collective Worship
Yvonne Rhooms Promoting and developing Numeracy
Abraham Jerry Jairette Promoting and developing games at lunchtimes and playtimes
Fidel Asante Education Support Worker
Jeanette Bennett Education Support Worker
Julia Jenkinson           Counselling  Psychologist – East London NHS
Administration Team Responsibilities
*Smitha Ravi Data and Exam Officer, Admissions and Census Officer [Part Time]
Claire Cordrey Administrator and Data Support [Part Time]
Ellis Richardson Apprentice
Keith Montgomery Site Supervisor  

*Names in bold indicate staff working across both North Street and Lawson Close sites.