Staff – Primary

Name Position
*Graham Smith Head Teacher
Kevin Higgins Head of School, CP Co-ordinator
*Stephanie Coombe  Assistant Head Teacher – Inclusion Lead, Resilience
*Phiona Langevine   Inclusion Manager, Early Intervention/SEN Co-ordinator
Alix Donovan             Class Teacher, English Co-ordinator
Jimmy Demetriou        Class Teacher, Computing Co-ordinator
Paula Grattan              Teacher / Art, Design and Technology Co-ordinator
Linda Smith Class Teacher, R.E /Humanities Co-ordinator
Helen Lavelle              Class Teacher, Science Co-ordinator
*Tom Duerden PE Teacher/Co-ordinator
Jennie Celand             Class Teacher, PSHCE Co-ordinator
Ama Agyeman Class Teacher / Maths Co-ordinator
*Ruth Pierce Specialist Teacher (English)
*Anne Sheret Thrive Lead
*Katie Parks             School Counsellor 
Education Support Workers Responsibilities
Julie Barker (Rowland) Promoting and developing The Learning Environment
Linda Cordrey Promoting and developing Marking
Jan Williamson Promoting and developing Numeracy
Michelle Green Promoting and developing Literacy
Lorraine Johnson  Promoting and developing Behaviour Management
Stefan Daniel                Promoting and developing Healthy Lifestyles
Abraham Adejokun Promoting and developing games at lunchtimes and playtimes
Anthony Bernadine Promoting and developing Pupil Voice
Junior Dadson Education Support Worker
*Joan Collins             Attendance and Welfare Manager, Deputy CP Co-ordinator, Promoting and developing First Aid
*Christopher Oderele ICT Learning and Resource Technician, Promoting and developing Computing
Sharon Clayton Midday Supervisors
Jean Hand Midday Supervisors
Shelia Poleon Lunchtime Multi-Sports Coach [Self Employed]
Promoting and developing games at lunchtimes and playtimes
Administration Team Responsibilities
*Jan Gillard School Business Manager
Anne Hart Administration Manager
Joycelyn Thompson Receptionist / Administrative Assistant
*Monique Nelson Receptionist / Administrative Assistant
*Micky Georgiou Site Supervisor

*Names in bold indicate staff working across both North Street and Lawson Close sites.